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The Key To Success

Have great passion for the products that we offer and for all our customers.

Globally Optimized

There is continuous innovation in every area of our business.

Responsive Campaigns

Our commitment to offer best quality possible for our consumers.

The Best Results

Honest at all times and in all business relationships.

With Surya Sukses Mandiri, You Can Do Anything

We believes that to be successful over the long term, we must deliver on what our customers and consumers want, today and in the future. Encourage sustainable innovation, so we can continue to deliver new products and services at competitive prices to our customers. Jual Aluminium Foil Atap

Meet Our Featured Product
Building Insulation

Building Insulation

Jual Aluminium Foil Atap. Shine Foil Building Insulation using material that is safe for healty (non allergetic fiber) that does not cause allergies and cancer, and high-quality alumunium material that reflects infrared heat energy and make all product of Shine Foil have a good performance in energy efficiency.

Roofing & Cladding

Roofing & Cladding

Insulasi Atap. SUN Truss is our brand for Roofing, Cladding & Floor Decking. Manufactured using raw material from Nippon Bluescoope Steel Indonesia (NBSI). It can be produced without connection or roll on site using hydraulic technology so that it can shorten installation time.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging

Peredam Panas Atap. Our Flexible Packaging Division produces flexible packaging materials that meet a wide range of applications, both for food and non-food packaging, such as wrap for noodles, spices, oils, snacks, candies, biscuits, coffee, detergents, rice wrapping paper, etc.


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